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About Artist:

About the Artist...                    

I Mr. Abhijit Banerjee completed my graduation from Government College Of Art and Craft. (Kolkata)  Stood 1st class Second and also was a scholarship holder. Then completed Teachers Training and Art Appreciation Course from Calcutta University. Stood 1st class. Then went to Shantiniketan Kala Bhavan for Masters. Got 1st class First and scholarship. I got the opportunity to learn from great  Gurus like Bikash Bhattacharya, Isha Muhammad, Ganesh Halui , K.G Shubramanium ( Manida). I am  lucky enough as my father was a renowned artist Late Mukti Banerjee. When he was a student of Shantiniketan Kala Bhavan he got the opportunity to learn Indian Style of painting from Nandalal Bose, Binod Bihari, Abonindranath Tagore and Ramkinkar Bej. He was the most favourite student of Nandalal Bose. Though I was a student of Western Painting but got influenced by my father and so my paintings depict Indo Western style . I have my paintings  distributed throughout the world even Kolkata Raj Bhawan has my paintings.