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About Artist : Abhisek Dey

Educational Qualification
2007, Bachelor of Visual Arts from The Indian College of Art and Draftsmanship, Rabindra Bharati University

2012, Seven Lines a group exhibition, Academy of fine Arts, Kolkata

2015, All India Gold Award (painting), Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation


About my paintings

My paintings and the subjects of my paintings have no specific meaning imbibed in them. The idea behind my paintings are very common, simple and often regular. It is limited to a specific sphere of an idea. I paint and draw for the sole purpose of viewing. I do not expect any meaning to be implied upon my art as I don’t want it to be. My paintings don’t bear any subtle or overt references to any social, political or any other larger concerns in general. This is because I personally believe that I don’t owe anything to such concerns to express them through my paintings.

During the ideation process behind my each artwork, the image in my head regarding a certain idea is what I try to express on the canvas. I often take help of photographic images as references for my paintings and create something distinct and new according to my imagination. That is as much as can be found from my painting without implying any superficial meaning to it.