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Recently Added Art Works of Abhishek Kumar

  • Untitled 33

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Oil / Acrylic on Paper | 11 X 33 Inches
  • Two Seasons

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Oil on Canvas | 48 X 30 Inches
  • Nagarhole II

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Oil on Canvas | 48X30 Inches
  • Read The City V

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Oil on Canvas | 86X39 Inches
  • Mystic Lovers - Limited Edition 1 Of 10

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Prints on Paper | 29X39 Inches
  • Yellow And Green Lights

    By Abhishek Kumar

    Acrylic on Canvas | 20X36 Inches

About Artist: Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar, New Delhi, INDIA . Currently, Abhishek maintains studio at old delhi area , In these private ateliers, he produces figurative and abstract expressionist paintings. He paints in both oil and acrylics, often incorporating mixed media, collage, and charcoal. Abhishek's many and varied life experiences inspire and invigorate his work. He has chosen to set and focus entirely on his passion for painting. In this distinctive hand, abhishek layers fantasy and reality, luring the viewer into his potent, cosmically beautiful world as well as his work takes the form of detailed studies of constructed environments; it is founded on a Questioning and translation of an ideal for living, creates illusion. Through a confrontation with fact and sequence of dialectics attempts are made to explore the depths of society,animal,human behaviour and expressions.