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About Artist:

Being a painter and having career in painting was my childhood dream as I always used to be keen for colours, But life happens and I could only be able to resume back to colorful world after completing my studies. Still it wasn’t at it fully as I thought it should be and all thanks to corporate world where you can live only during weekends. All the spare time always utilised for drawings and paintings here and there until my wife brought me all possible materials to start it fulfledge and supported me in all manner. It took a new turn from there with so many handmade and then digital via tablet and it became routine.

I didn't acquire any formal education in arts. I pursued it as a interest through self learning for years. Since few years I have been participating in workshops conducted by a Mumbai based renowned artists whenever I can to learn new things.

My art depicts real life objects in articstic way. I make painting in non-deive way and what appeals to me at that given moment, making layer by layer, beyond making it as cognitive, i.e. Abstract Painting. My compositions are mainly dominated by real life i.e. landscape, cityscape, and painting Ganesha is worship for me.

Born in the year 1984 I Amit Pithadia from Mumbai feel proud to be back to my dream. After having worked in corporate world nearly for years I feel blessed to be back to my eternal love.