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About Artist:

My work resembles a diary of events that took place in my everyday life. I leave nothing behind from my observation and the remembrances of such events. The places and people connected with me in a day to day environment appear in my images quite often, and becomes a 360 degree view of the life around me. Sometimes, I deliberately implant the metaphorical visual elements that resembles my personal interpretation or the statements about the material existence. I find it more interesting when I am working with such hidden facets of the imagery and the message that it sensibly carries along tightly encoded, it might be very apparent in some cases though.

My visual narratives are not just about one thing at a certain time, rather they are about many things at varied points and time that turned like a book of short stories eventually. As one walks through the pages, one will come across different moments of life, and it goes on….

For me, the process of drawing is an extension of my thought process, where there would be no place for anything else other than a pure expression in its primitive preliminary state.The rawness of the drawings reflects the vagueness of the thoughts that are running in my mind, and it is where I would relate my thought process with the genuine and humble images that evolved in my drawings.