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About Artist:

My practice questions the fundamentals of the notion of space to identify another identity. Initially its was concerned with observation that generates an image as a perceived reality which apparently does not have a recognizable form but it fits into the cogent form – a subtext of the appearances present in the space. This practice leads my concerns to the institutional framework of an enclosure – the notions engaged in occupying and enclosing a space.
The notion of space is an integral part of our daily experience. It begins from how we live where we live to why we live the way we live. The arrangement of elements that occupies or encloses a space creates a sort of ambience. Further we are habituated or maybe we have been made to get habituated to an arrangement. Because the notion of space is not aloof of our memory of the same. It is subjected to the specificities assigned to the objects and elements situated in it which in turn attributes another identity to it.
My practice concerns not only this physical or visual experience rather I am trying to add a context to the elements existing in the space where the space is again conditioned with a specific context and thus gets limited to the identity of a site. Each element thus existing in the site are attributed with a physicality and functionality which is highly relative to individual interpretation.