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About Artist:

Myself Anurag Mitra, I was born and brought up on Tripura. After completing my BVA degree from Government College of Art and Craft, Agartala I started my career as a freelance artist from Vadodara, Gujarat. My recent practice is evolving from a sense that the world is full of inexhaustibly interesting experiences, and the experience grows further by understanding socio-political and environmental as well as looking deeper into self-experiences. I combine my own perception and other visual sources with imaginative narratives.

   Throughout history, artists have responded to social concerns around them with artwork that depicts cultural and religious dogma, environmental degradation, and political power structure. I believe that there is a relationship between art and how it creates a dialogue around social justice. My goal as an artist is to create artworks that are personal and which also express a sense of social responsibility. Through the documentation of my surrounding time and space, I also engage the self and the body to create a dialogue about the same. There are instances that my mind captures intuitively that gets incorporated into the works and drives me to explore more. And the language of the work might derive from a very personal level, which is also very local, but I also want it to be a universal language at the end.