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About Artist:

i came to art to find healing and in my practice, i am drawn to the ways art serves as

processes of intercultural mediation. i work with experiences of marginalisation and

resilience, my own and the people i work in collaboration with. With an ethic of social

engagement and inviting viewers to inhabit and activate my works i explore and find

healing in community .

DIY (Do It Yourself) , DIT (Do It Together), and sometimes DDI (Don't Do It) are the

principles as well as primary mediums of my practice . They provide for merging of my

life and my art offering an active engagement in both the public and the personal.

Centred around the culture of self-publishing and guerrilla poster i believe in creating

art that is grounded in the act of ‘doing’ and addresses political/social issues.

The versatility of the language of the mediums i work with also allows me to bring all

the layers of my experiences together. Colonialism, plantation slavery, poverty, armed

violence, cultural genocide, the list goes on. It is through confronting these

complexities of my identity i have been able to find healing and peace through


In my works, i seek to create spaces for dialogue, unlearning, disruption... anything that

would make one see and experience the world differently even if it is for a fraction of a