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About Artist:

My name is Biswakarma Maharana. I was Born on May 8, 1991 In the small tribal Village Phiringia of Odisha State of India. My father is a great sculptor and also my favorite teacher.  I have completed my Master degree (Visual Art) in 2015 from Utkal University of culture, Bhubaneswar, ODisha. And I have completed Indian traditional wood carving studies and Craft Designing courses have also been developed by State Institute for development of art and craft, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. A part from this, I am seventh generation artist from my family. I am able to feel free, creativity and purity by my art work in the changing art in this contemporary time. After my studies I am engaged in this experiment work and researches.  BY THROUGH OF MY ART WORK I AM TRYING TO MAKE A BATTER SOCITY IN OUR WORLD.