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About Artist:

Artist Statement

During my childhood days, my uncle uses to make Patt-Chitra of Palitana. Those memories played a very important role in developing my interest in visual arts. I started by making small drawings with my uncle.


Nowadays I react to my social surroundings in my paintings via visual expressions. I enjoy very much while experimenting with my work. The cow is in the centre of many of my paintings together with many other subjects/objects. Mainly I use as material for my work is wood, canvas, and paper. 


While working with those subjects/objects I feel freer from my inner self also at the same time it makes me stronger as an individual within me. It also attracts me to various kinds of subjects and materials. Playing around the surface of my work is the most satisfying thing for me as an artist. Surface and process are playing a big roll on my ground.


I am not afraid to explore new media and subjects.


I am evolving as an artist every day with my experiences of the visible and invisible worlds. But at the same time, I am trying to be consistent and focused on the particular body of work. This practice is giving me challenges in my work process because it also diverting me from my subjects.


Self-dialogue is the driving force behind my continuous practice.


The process of making paintings keeps me happy.


Jaydev Chosala