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About Artist:


I Ekta Sharma ,I was born on 08 January 1990 in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. I got my educational qualification from various schools in Gwalior. In which higher secondary educational was done in fine art . Preferred to work as an  independent artist obtaining academic qualification from college of fine art and music in 2008- 2014. I live in Gwalior and work as an independent artist . After receiving college education, the impact of college rules in the initial time was prolonged. Which included folk art, figurative composition, etc. But after sometime . I began to take more pleasure in abstract art. For ex. In the independent artist , the word independent represents freedom or i can also say myself.  Since 2014 my painting has undergone many changes. Sometimes gave importance to size . Sometimes spent time with colours. Sometimes worked with collage. After experiencing all this, i like to use mostly light colours in the present paintings. I don’t know how long will it be like . I feel the flow of water in myself that flow through time and circumstances. But it is difficult for me to tell what the artwork i create or what it relates to. For me , the experience of black colour is like that of a blind person, for whom the whole world is in itself , there is a colour which is absorbed in itself , is its own world . Yes ! I like black colour to paint in my canvas . I feel like mine . I use lighter colours to highlight black . Feeling good can not be the only reason behind it .