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About Artist:

We who went cutting across the primal tunes beyond time came back to the migratory paths to find Roads, farms, houses and cities and we are yet to reach our nests.

 Marking direction as a sign and the essence of wisdom not taking itself as a giant life and hence different the elephant is traveling along with my return migration overcoming the perplexing new obstacles that rise in its path.

 Life opens itself as the moment that becomes an opening of death, as the desire to retain the whole life cycle inside itself.

 Getting better of the fears that rise within oneself, losing relationships, the unending nights of solitude the deep darkness of the midnight surrounds and the lament for the ancestry solidifies and gives hope to cross the endless paths every day. 

Relationships get strengthened only because our traditional knowledge stands by us in these races where muddled paths run faster than us.

 I undertake the method of opening up a conversation with the viewers on these lived realities by juxtaposing the suffering souls despair over Meta narratives and retaining them as the inner vision in my paintings.

  I feel that it’s critical to understand the destructive objective condition not as a response to the objective-subjective binary but as the detail of the inner life. To move away from the direct visual that art training and skill creates: to move from the very obvious banal to the pulsing inner feeling.

 Following steadfast my training in Indian meta traditional art I place the lifeline of the biosphere of our great land, the elephant which faces the facts of the present day reality in flesh and blood as an alternate pose to depict the ruins that the conflicts and crisis our soul is leaving.