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About Artist:

I have been trying to find the roots of Human & nature. Inspired by symbols from Indian culture. Triangle & squares are main elements in my painting, like using a upward facing triangle for representing male symbol & triangle facing down for female symbol as well as a square derived from combining four triangle is a representation of a family. I have been using these symbols & composing my paintings aesthetically to representing a Human lineage & their efforts of evolving & developing themselves. Likewise I am using some other forms mostly representing females, fish & other rhythmic lines. Overall I am visualizing these subject in a female view.


Maharashtra State Art Exhibition (Professional),
Selection 2020.
‘Women Artist Group Show’, Sponsored by Sameeksha
Art Research, Bangalore, 2019.
Mumbai Art Fest, 2019.
The Bombay Art Society, Official Selection, 2019.
All India Fine Art & Craft Society, New Delhi,
Selecion 2018.
Maharashtra State Art Exhibition (Professional),
Selection 2018.
Art Society Of India, Official Selection, 2018.
Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Group Show By
Nav Siddhartha Art Group, Delhi, 2017.
Group Show, Garhi Art Gallery, Delhi, 2017.
Group Show, Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2017.
Group Show, Artspace Ajitgarh, Mohali, 2017.
National Group Show, “Abstraction” , 2017.
The Monsoon Show, National Group Show, Pune, 2017.
The Indian Contemporary Art National Show, Pune, 2017.
Unification National Group Show, 2017.
Affordable Art For Wall, National Group Show, 2017.
Confluence, National Group Show,
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2017.
Srijan, Women Artist Show, Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2017.
Master Storks, International Group Show,
Tilting Art Gallery, 2016.
Batch No. 79, Kolhapur, 2016.
Tulica Art Group Show, Pune, 2016.
Explore The Art Of Inspirations, Pune, 2016.
Affordable Wall Art, 2016.
VCIC Group Show, Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2016.
Visual & Experience, Kolhapur, 2015.
Pixel Group Exhibition, Kolhapur, 2015.
Retina Short Film Festival, Kolhapur, 2015.
Ramayana Group Exhibition, Kolhapur, 2013.
Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, 2011-12.


Print Making Workshop, Under Laxma Gaud, Pune, 2017.
National Artists Camp, Garhi Art Gallery, 2017.
Conceptual art, Workshop, 2017.
Kochi Binnale Students Workshop, Pune, 2017.
National camp at Reshikesh Organized by Achal Charitable
Trust and Fusion Art Foundation, 2016.
Live Demostration at TAG, Pune, 2016.
Workshop for Kochi Binnale, Pune, 2016.
Asian Archive Bibliography Workshop, 2016.
Creative Landscape Heritage Painting, Kolhapur, 2015.
Theatre of Relevance Drama Workshop, Kolhapur, 2015.
Creative Landscape Workshop, Kolhapur, 2014.


CCRT Scholarship For Young Artist 2018-2019



Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune

VCIC, Pune

G.D. Art, 2015
Dalvi’s Art Institute, Kolhapur