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About Artist:

I have been captivated in the charm of painting since my childhood. Based in Kolkata, the motion of the city life, the expressions of life, my dreams, are always the context within which I paint. I have found the life in lines during my time in University; its angles, motions, expressions, aesthetic, emotions – each of elements inspire me, even now. At that time, charcoal, conte and acrylic have attracted me as a medium of painting. Even now I find myself to express the positivity of life with the use of these mediums. My works in monochrome and “black & white” give an aesthetic sense of intrinsic expression of lives. Lines and bold brush strokes of my paintings give the feel of motion of life. Women are always inspirations in my life. I have painted them the way I always want to see – in love, in happiness, in celebration and in every positive bent of my life. To me they are always encouraging me to live a positive and happy life. I use bright colours in my paintings to relay the emotion or to draw the dream. I have also always been captivated by the innocence of children’s faces. Their immaculate expressions take me to dreamland. They are manifested in my painting often. On my canvas women and child are central to life as they spread the feeling of love and happiness. Hence the colours and elements used in my painting are symbols of celebrations, joys or dreams.