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About Artist:

Artist’s Resume


S.K. Sahni was born on 27th December, 1937. This prolific artist and ex Keeper at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, studied art at Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.  Sahni’s drawings express the draftsman’s personality spontaneously in the flow of lines. His lines are not lifeless strokes on a canvas rather; they are the very essence of his artistic creations.

 In the recent series, he is exploring space with strips of different hues which is a total departure from his earlier works.

In Sahni’s works, Lines dominate and define his abstracts which are unplanned. Beginning primarily with monochrome, it was during 1990s that Sahni started introducing color into his pen and ink drawings and started working on canvas. 

In the book “Journey of the Straight Line” written by Dr. SS Bhatti, Former Principal, College of Architecture, Chandigarh; the author critically analyzed his works and had given words to his images.


Sahni has held more than 25 solo shows and 50 group shows across India. A Retrospective Exhibition of his works of last fifty years was held at AIFACS, New Delhi in 2016. He was invited to show his works in The Museum of Geometric & Madi Art, Dallas, USA in 2017. His works are in Private and Public collections including National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Museum of Fine Arts, Chandigarh and Alkazi Arts Foundation, New Delhi and Museum of Geometric & MADI Art, Dallas.