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About Artist:

Human is the best creation of the creator. The mixture of bravery & intellect by which they have approached and established their supremacy among others. This is my observation and I always put my strokes very distinctively and boldly to highlight the God’s best creation. By nature every human being is a combination of vibrant colours. It means the different shades of different moods. My intention is always to make them happy. That is why I like to use the bright colours to depict their happiness.



           Organised by Rotary Club of Bhawanipur at GorkY Sadan, Kolkata, 1997

          Sponsored by M.B.D. Group at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 1998

          Sponsored by Union Skytech Ltd. at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 1999

          Sponsored by Lions Club at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2000 

          ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2001

          GALLERY SPACE Hyderabad, 2007

          TAJ BENGAL, Kolkata, 2007

  • ITC HOTEL SONAR, Kolkata, 2007
  • Sponsored by Panorama TV. at ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Kolkata, 2013 
  • Art Revolution Taipei 2015. Taiwan . sponsored by Art Revolution Taipei
  • Artland, Global art fair Mumbai 2017 India.
  • Art fiesta Jaipur 2017 India
  • organized by ARTLAND INDIA at Tajmahal palace Mumbai 2018
  • “SAHAJIA” Organized by AN ARTISAN  at CHITRAKOOT ART GALLERY Kolkata 2018