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About Artist:


Born:  1st December, 1975

Educational Qualification : Art Graduate from ‘Indian Collage of Art and Draftmanship’, Kolkata. ‘Rabindra Bharati University’, Passed out in 2000

Principal : Sreejan Art Academy

Member : ‘SREEJAN’ Group(Secretary)

Moner Milon(Life Member)

Pentagon Group(Life Member)

Young Artist Painter Circle(Life Member)

‘Prantik Bengali’ Magazine (Illustrator & Member)

Banipur Art Scocity, Habra

Bharatiya Charukala Mandir(Member)

Subrata Ghosh, who has appeared in the field of contemporary art during the firstdecate of this new century, belongs to this second group. He tries to touch temporality from the perspective of timelessness. The enlightened heritage of Indian classical art inspires him and helps him to build up his own idiom. He looks back towards the grand tradition of our painting and sculpture of classical era. The tranquility with the divinity of the Ajanta figuration and Gupta sculpture makes some imprint in his delineation of form. He imbibes robustness, illusion of three dimensionality from these classical traditional sources and induces a kind of sobriety through duality of light and shade in his figuration. The echo of idyllic elements also reverberates in his works. He also induces decorativeness from traditional sources.