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About Artist:


    Sumitava Maity born in 1980, qualified Master in Visual Arts with 1st Class 1st from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. Achieved numerous prestigious Award & Scholarship including Gold Medal for best exhibit at Academy of Fine arts, Awarded for best exhibit world peace congress, State Charukala parshad Award, Atul Bose Award, Ajay Bankim Gosh Memorial Scholarship and many more. Beside practicing art since more than ten years also held major Solo and Group Exhibitions in various country including ‘Outs of India’, UK, ‘Present is Now’ curated by Peter Nagy, Emerging Artist Award, World Art Dubai, Now and Tomorrow, Bangalore and many more.


    In his own words: “I devote my life into my art works and new ideas which help to understand the value of natural surroundings, the soft and true relation between two living creatures. I always capture the value of someone’s thought which affects other thought process in positive direction. And also, I try to find the negative space of human activities which are affecting the balance of natural world. I am constantly trying to discover the reason which has led to the increased distance between human and nature. And I think this increased distance is the primary reason for human psychological and mental isolation with nature”.

    About the imortance and values of the series 'Colour of the Universe' 

    Colour of the Universe is one of the most important and valuable series and each painting created after a long dedicated research about new language of painting, in this series there is a sharp journey to discover the strength of human mind and thought that always seek to confined the truth and unseen reality of nature and its beauty. The point of interest in this series is mainly focused on the mind and connection between nature and human being. I spent lot of time in deep research to create a dynamic language of thought where we can transfer and communicate through colour and represent the abstraction in a very new different way.  So from beginning I used very high quality support and oil paints to help my research and creativity. The strength and impotency of colour in a positive manner which can reflect the knowledge of beauty of nature.




    2005 M.V.A (Painting) 1st Class from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata

    2003 B.V.A (Painting) 1st Class from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata





    2018 4TH Solo Exhibition at World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre

    2015 3rd Solo Exhibition at Birla Academy of Art & Culture

    2010 2nd Solo Exhibition at Birla Academy of Art & Culture

    2006 1st Solo Exhibition at Birla Academy of Art & Culture


    2018 ‘Beauty of Women’ Art Hub Gallery, Abu Dhabi,

    2018 ‘Riding’ Dubai Design District, Dubai

    2011 ‘Now & Tomorrow’ at Kynkyny art Gallery, Bangalore

    2011 ‘Real (Sur) Real’, Bangalore

    2010 ‘Birth’, UK

    2010 ‘Present is Now’ Curated by Peter Nagy at Trident Hotel, Gurgaon

    2008 ‘Father & Son’ at Birla Academy of Art & Culture

    2008 ‘Out Of India’ Curated by Ana Borlinghus at Opus Art Gallery, UK

    2006 Nehru Art Centre, Mumbai

    2005 ‘Cobalt’ A group Exhibition at Academy Of Fine Arts

    2003 ‘Creation Against War’ Exhibition at Academy Of Fine Arts

    2002 State Charukala Parishad, Kolkata


    2009, 05, 03, 02 Annual Exhibition Of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

    2005-2001 Annual Exhibition of Govt. College Art & Craft, Kolkata

    2005, 04 Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata

    2004 State Academy

    2004 Annual Exhibition of A I F A C S, Kolkata

    2004 World Peace Cong.

    2001-2002 Annual Exhibition at State Charukala Parishad, Kolkata


    Award & Recognition


    2012 Governor's Award (Gold Medal) for best exhibit in Annual exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts

    2009 Atul Bose Award for Best Oil Painting at Academy of Fine Arts

    2005 Certificate of Merit for painting at Govt. College of Art & Craft

    2004 State Academy Award for Best Painting

    2004 Award for Best Painting at World Peace Cong.

    2004 Certificate of Merit for Painting at Govt. College of Art & Craft

    2001 Certificate of Merit for Painting at State Charukala Parishad

    2005 Scholarship for 1st Class 1st in M.V.A

    2005 Ajay Bamkin Memorial Scholarship for Best painting GCAC

    2003 Scholarship for 1st Class 1st B.V.A

    2001-2002 Scholarship for 1st Class 1st in Degree 1st & 2nd year