The Intricate Art of Pichwai

The Intricate Art of Pichwai
Mughal pichwai

The Intricate Art of Pichwai


India, the land of vibrancy, colour and culture, is also a locus for a variety of ethnic art. There are regions in this country, unheard of otherwise, but known only for the art forms which originate from there.

One such district is the holy town of Nathdwara in the desert state of Rajasthan. The delicate art of Pichwai has its roots here.

Pichwai is a miniature art form with a devotional theme. The paintings are a narrative of tales of the beloved Lord Krishna. His stories of mischief, love and great power are illustrated on cloth or paper. This practice was initiated with the purpose to recite the legend of Krishna to the illiterate. An authentic Pichwai can take up to several months and more often than not, is a group effort by many artists supervised by a Master. Thus, Pichwai art is extremely detailed and made with a passion born in worship.

Pichwai artists in the colourful town of Nathdwara reside in the ‘Chitron ki Gali’ (Street of Paintings) or the ‘Chitrakaron ka Mohallah’ (Locality of Artists). The art form is passé down from generations to generations and is a revered legacy in the family. Originally, the Pichwai art in cloth hangs in the backdrop of the ShrinathJi’s idol at the temple of Nathdwara.

A cultural legacy of India, Pichwai is a fading art. There are very few families which carry forward the tradition. There is a fierce competition in the market from quick fixes like Print Art and Embossed works which make it tough for this intricate and time taking art work to sustain.

BestCollegeArt introduces authentic Pichwai artworks by artist, Pushkar Lohar. Sharp details and vibrancy make these artworks stand out. You can take your pick from our Pichwai Collection available online. The tales of Krishna in subtle yet striking compositions add that undertone of Ethnic Zest to any space.

So go ahead, adorn your walls with ornate Pichwai Paintings and change the vibe!

Sitaram Swain-Winner,’Emerging Artist of the Year’,2017

Sitaram Swain-Winner,’Emerging Artist of the Year’,2017

Sitaram Swain-Winner,’Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017

“ I feel a sense of hope, admiration, acceptance and tragedy from looking at various subjects such as history of art, politics and culture. I believe I am a mediator who expresses these feelings in one place through my art.”-Sitaram


BestCollegeArt is proud to announce the winner of the 6th Edition of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’,2017 in collaboration with Glenfiddich, Sitaram Swain.

An Installation artist from the beautiful state of Odisha, Sitaram Swain is the one to look out for!

His ideas and out-of-the-box concepts really made an impact on all of us. His works covey a social message garbed in tools of daily life. Domestic objects like clay pots catch his fancy and his skill then turns these into poignant art. He believes that there is a sublime quality of extreme social relevance in these objects. Sitaram attempts to bring out these issues and exemplify them through his art. His art is starkly grounded although his imagination and their portrayal sure makes it evident that for art, sky is the limit!

The Jury comprising of eminent personalities like V.Sunil, Bhavna Kakkar, Kapil Chopra, Swapan Seth, to name a few,  patiently went through all the works and selected our top 5 FinalistsVandana Kothari, Akhil Mohan, Mangesh Rajguru, Subhendu Misra and Sitaram Swain. On the evening of the 25th of March, 2017, they were taken on a tour of all the final artworks by the respective artists. There was then a final seating of the Jury where the majority votes were for Sitaram Swain.

Sitaram’s perfection at subtly amalgamating the personal to the social and with relevance was what took the cake!

BestCollegeArt is overjoyed and humbled to have successfully culminated the 6th Edition of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’. The response was overwhelming and encourages us to continue being a platform for emerging artists .With the support from our collaborators, Glenfiddich and the genuine appreciation received for our strive to reach out to aspiring artists and give them a step up, we aim to achieve the zenith in the world of ContemporaryArt.










An Introduction Affordable Art on Your Fingertips!


With the turn of the century, Contemporary art too has evolved in many facets. From it being displayed just in museums and halls of the aristocrats, art made its way to corporate and formal settings and gradually began to be appreciated in personal spaces. Cafes, restaurants and hotels started exhibiting in lobbies starting the ‘Wall Art’ trend and soon, we wanted more than a showpiece in our own seating rooms! A new house, a new office space or a close friend’s wedding.

However,You, with an eye for art and décor are stumped by the exorbitant rates at which good art sells! is a haven for you. An Online Art Selling Marketplace, we offer a plethora of options with over 4000 artworks on display at our Online Gallery. Take your pick from authentic Indian contemporary art at an affordable price. From elegant Figurative and charming Landscapes to quirky, upbeat Mixed Media artworks and stand out Sculptures, we have it all! Our artists have featured in various events, gaining fame all across the globe. With artworks by eminent artists like Aditi Chakraborty, Arpan Bhowmik and Durshit Bhaskar and more, BestCollegeArt is proud to exhibit exclusive artworks by these rising stars of the art world.

We, at understand your love for art. The delicate strokes of a skilled hand make for an experience worth having. It is hence, our aspiration to encourage those with a taste and an eye for technique and finesse to indulge without the worry of a light pocket!A striking Still Life for the lobby with a bold Sculpture for the hall with a hip yet classy mixed media for behind the bar and a picturesque Landscape for the bedroom! Celebrate a space with contemporary art and redefine Décor! is humbled to collaborate with the world renowned brand of Glenfiddich to host ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ every year at our gallery in New Delhi. Thousands of artists enter their artworks and an esteemed panel of established contemporary artists, art critics and connoisseurs choose the best among them all. The winner attains a cash prize of 10000 pounds along with the opportunity to visit and reside in the Scottish highlands while collaborating and creating artworks which are then exhibited. We are proud to have held this event since 2012 with winners like Chetnaa Verma, Krupa Makhija, Subir Hati and Yuvan Bothisathuvar.  From here, these artists have made it Big into the highly competitive art industry.

Give yourself a chance to immerse in the contemporary and believe us, you wouldn’t want to look back!





Featured Artist; Arpan Bhowmik

Featured Artist of the Month: Arpan Bhowmik brings for you, a treat to kick start your week with Art!

Our Artist of the Month, Arpan Bhowmik paints with a skill and charm which is rarely matched. His series of artworks titled the ‘Kolkata City Scape has received much admiration and praise the world over. The detailed yet simple depictions of scenes from the bustling and vibrant city of Kolkata are sure to catch your eye and make it a soulful experience!

The series, ‘Kolkata City Scape’ highlights certain elements unique to the city. That is what enhances the charm of it. The famous Trams, featuring in so many tales and fables of the City are illustrated against simple monochromatic backdrops of the streets and localities. Brilliant constructions of the hubs like the Marketplace or the local Watering Hole, remind one of small joys and a simpler time. Thus, the series is more like a Story in Acrylic!

Arpan Bhowmik has been in the industry for over two decades and has made his name big, especially in Europe and Singapore. With over 30 decorations to his fame, this month BestCollegeArt is featuring him as our Artist of the Month. His much acclaimed series, ‘Kolkata City Scape’ is exhibited with several other artworks at our Gallery in Lado Sarai, the Art Hub of New Delhi. Be sure to check it out!

With an eye for skill and a taste for good Contemporary Art, BestCollegeArt stands out to be one of India’s foremost platforms for Emerging Artists to make it in the Art world! We are back with the sixth edition of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ in collaboration with Glenfiddich.  With renowned Artists, Connoisseurs and Art Critics from all over the globe presiding as Jury, only the Best of the Lot get a chance to win 10000 Pounds and a three month residency in the Scottish Highlands.

Buckle Up Artists!The entries for ‘Emerging Artist of the Year,2017’ are On ! Follow the hash tag #EAY2017 to stay updated about the event. Upload your artworks at and participate in one of the most sought after Art events the country and you might just win the Jackpot!



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BestCollegeArt’s ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017

BestCollegeArt’s ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017

One of the most awaited art events of the year-BestCollegeArt’s ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017 is back in town!

This is the 6th edition in collaboration with Glenfiddich and it just got bigger! With entries pouring in from all over, here’s an overview of the event.

Emerging Artist of the Year was conceived with an aim to promote upcoming contemporary artists and provide a platform for some of the country’s finest emerging artists. This aim was further aided by the global brand, Glenfiddich and soon ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ became one of the most sought after awards for Contemporary Art. The event is part of Glenfiddich’s ‘Artists in Residence’ (AIR) programme.

We at BestCollegeArt are proud to have held this event since 2012 with winners like Chetnaa Verma, Krupa Makhija, Subir Hati and Yuvan Bothisathuvar. BestCollegeArt is humbled to be associated with this global initiative to further Contemporary Art.

The registrations have begun. To participate, artists should upload their artworks on with the last date for entries being 5th of March’2017. An esteemed panel of Jury members comprising top artists, art critics and connoisseurs will decide the winner. The winner will be announced on the 25th of March’2017 at Art District XIII, New Delhi. 

The winner of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ gets an opportunity to participate in a unique residency in the breathtaking highlands of Scotland. For the winner it will be a shot at Global exposure. The residency culminates with a solo show at Art District XIII, New Delhi. To top it all off, there will be a reward of £ 10,000 for the winner.

So, Buckle Up Artists! It’s time to put your best stroke forward. Send in your artworks and follow the hash tag #EAY2017 on our Facebook and Instagram page to stay updated about the event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Q&A With Krupa Makhija-Winner, Emerging Artist of the Year,2015

Q&A with KrupaMakhija-Winner, Emerging Artist of the Year, 2015

BestCollegeArt got in touch with KrupaMakhija, winner of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’,2015 for a Q&A about her experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: How did you come across EAY and what inspired you to participate?

A: “At the time, I was experimenting with various media and was looking to diversify. I wanted to work on a different concept and happened to come across EAY via Facebook. I realized thatBestCollegeArt andGlenfiddich werelooking for artists who were willing to step out of the conventional and explore a variety of concepts which would stand out. This, along with the opportunity of a guided residency as a reward was what inspired me to take a chance.”

Q: What is your inspiration for art?

A: “I am concerned about cultural destruction and how it travels and multiplies from generation to generation. For a migrant artist, creative expression is a reflection on cultural mooring. Often we are not sure if we are outsiders or insiders. These conflicts and complexities are the creative fundamentals of my work. My works are ‘Symbolic’ of my own personal experiences with culture, language and identity and a practice of ‘Cultural Amnesia’.”

Q: How was your experience at Glenfiddich’s artist Residency in Scotland?

A: “The chance to visit those pristine highlands was a dream come true. The training I received there was a blessing for it inspired me to develop a whole different theme.During my residency I undertook a project and used local natural materials and forgotten objects resonating with cultural and personal associations. I wanted to involve the local community in this project. Hence, I started working on a concept based on ‘architectural trash’. I consider architecture as one of the most important disciplines depicting ‘cultural identity’. I collected some old pieces of wall, floorings etc. from the remains of abandoned and disused buildings and applied a photo transfer process to these objects. The images I used were sourced from the locality which depicted the architecture of this beautiful place.These are like memories of the people and their culture in those pieces…A culture which is sadly disintegrating. I created quite a few pieces and then randomly installed them in a ‘heap’ depicting the ‘architectural trash. The entire project took three and a half months.”

“EAY has been a stepping stone for me. This programme is a ‘full package deal’ with an enlightening residency, global exposure and a chance to match step with contemporary art virtuosos of the present day. This platform is a fulfilling experience, which helped me hone my skills and become a better artist. This is the best forum for any artist who dreams to make their place in the art industry. Art is an indulgence, which takes a lot of patience and skill. There is never an end to learning here.”

Q: How was your show at Art District XIII, New Delhi?

A: “My work was exhibited at Art District, XIII after my residency. The installations received much appreciation and praise. Some of my works went to renowned connoisseurs and collectors who understood my passion and encouraged my attempt ata cultural revival. The residency and solo show was a milestone in my life which helped me achieve global exposure . Since then, I have been associated with Art District XIII. My installations were exhibited at the India Art Fair, 2017 in New Delhi courtesy of the gallery

Q&A With Chetna Verma-Winner, Emerging Artist of The Year, 2014

QNA with Chetna Verma-Winner, Emerging Artist of the Year, 2014

BestCollegeArt got in touch with Chetna Verma, winner of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2014 for a QNA about her experience. Here’s what she had to say

: Q: How did you come across EAY and what inspired you to participate?

A: “I came across EAY through various platforms. Social Media, other artist references etc lead me to the Online Gallery at My work was primarily focused on Ink and Paper. Throughout the process, Art District XIII and BestCollegeArt were both super supportive and helpful.”

Q: How did you find the Jury?

A: “The Jury was constituted by some very eminent professionals and to be honest, I was a bit intimidated because Legends of the Industry were looking at my work! However, it felt more like a compliment and I was overwhelmed when they chose my works from over hundreds of entries. The process I felt was pretty transparent and fair.”

Q: How was your experience at Glenfiddich’s Artist In Residence in Scotland?

A: “Words fall short for my stay at Glenfiddich’s ‘Artists in Residence’ initiative at Scotland. To be surrounded by pristine highlands and magnificent landscapes was a dream come true. The people I met and interacted with were extremely welcoming. I felt so at home with them and there was no dearth of anything. The facilities and amenities were top notch and state of the art. The warmth and encouragement I received made me forget that I was in a foreign land. More so, it was the ambience which relaxed me and in turn, helped me to explore my creative side more extensively. ”

Q: How was your show at Art District XIII, New Delhi?

A: “My work was exhibited at Art District, XIII after my residency. The residency and solo show was a milestone in my life which helped me achieve an exposure globally. Since then, I have been associated with Art District XIII.I was happy to exhibit my work as part of ‘India Art Fair,2017 in association with the gallery.

Q: Why would you recommend EAY to emerging artists?

A: “I recommend EAY to every emerging artist out there. Recently, I got an opportunity to be a part of National Art Conclave at Chitrakala Parishad, Bengaluru and the 58th National Art Exhibition at National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru. I took this chance to make all upcoming artists aware of the potent platform, which is EAY. A holistic residency and global appreciation is a much sought after prize. EAY makes that possible.”

Top 5 Finalists- ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017

Top 5 Finalists-Emerging Artist of the Year, 2017


The wait is over!

With over 300 entries pouring in from all over the country and months of keen examination, BestCollegeArt finally announces our Top 5 Finalists for ‘Emerging Artist of the Year,2017’.

The presiding Jury, composed of eminent artists, art collectors and art critics have chosen these artists based on their concept, style and skill. Their artworks have been selected after careful examination and repeated review.

And Finally, we have our top 5 finalists. Here’s a peek at them!

1.Akhil Mohan

Born in 1989, Ramamangalam, Ernakulam, Akhil Mohan completed his Bachelors and Masters from the RLV College of Music and Fine arts,Tripunithura.  His concepts work around the idea of provincial agricultural life, once the source of our nation’s culturally influenced products. The rapid disintegration and subsequent obscurity of local culture is a driving force for Akhil. His ‘Rice series’ is an endeavor to trace the remaining memories of our provincial culture which is being wiped out, in the minds of the spectators. The persisting farmers who are the employers and manufacturers of those equipments are also included in his paintings.

Akhil Mohan is a recipient of various awards including the National Award for Art in 2017. His first Solo Show was at Kerala Lalith Kala Akademi, Calicut in December 2013.  He received the Ministry of Culture Young Artists Scholarship in 2014.

 “According to me, for an artist, an art work is a medium to communicate the ideas sprouted from the mutuality of his vision, selfhood and experiences, with the spectators.”-Akhil Mohan


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