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  • Journey Journey


Artist: Dharmendra Sahani

Size:27 X 27 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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my title for this work is a journey and i have seen people travel from place to place and city to city for work and earn.for lively hood,and betterment in life .i have seen them in railways stations bus stands etc,waiting fir train ,buses etc. .i have their to portray the miseries if life in this work.
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The Journey Here, with this work, as the little suggest I tried to show the journey of one's life. All the people of the society to earn their bread and butter and to settle their life move from one place to another many times I have seen them on railway station and sometimes I was also one of them. At that time what I had observed that I am presenting here railway station, itself a small world where people meet, they talk share their views, ideas, hopes, foods, sorrows, happyness, have friends and then depart. To earn their livelihood how terribly they are suffering, people leave their family, food, sleep, comfort, etc. In search of better future for the family. If the train gets late, they decide to stay on railway station to save their expenses and after that they again Start their journey to get their livelihood. This journey is on and on and on......

Dharmendra Sahani

“I have come from rural area and settled in the city. From childhood, I like the village very much. I am coming from

middle class. As I am associated with labor work, since childhood, I repeat in my paintings, the objects and

persons who are personally linked with my life . Besides, the daily happening events of my life are sources of

inspiration of my works. I use certain colors like blue, brown, grey, yellow ochre.. Etc..I have learnt my present way

of doing texture from my father’s labor work of house painting. I represent my past memories as blurred images. I

am eagerly waiting for some surprising opportunity which may change my life. I very much like realistic and

experimental works. So, my paintings represent my own individual vision which is highly contemporary.”

“I am enthusiastic, hardworking and trustworthy & like interacting with people. I am a self starter who is always committed

to getting the work done. I love & enjoy working as a part of the team. I am flexible about work hours, duties & excellent in

time keeping with a determination to succeed.”



• SSC from Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB), Rajkot

• Painting Course from Government Industrial Training Workshop

• Diploma in Painting from Sheth C. N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad



• Live portrait sketching (Pencil shade & Water color)

• Live landscape sketching

• Still life, object drawing, illustration & theme base painting



I am enthusiastic, hardworking, trustworthy and like interesting with people.

I am a self starter who is always commited to getting the work done. I love

and enjoy working as a part of the team. I am flexible about work hours,

duties and excellent in time keeping with a determination to succeed.



I have keen interest in sketching, knowing people & travelling.




• Painting Diploma First Award in 4th year

• Best Sketching Award

• Best Full Figure Painting Award (Kala Ravi Trust)

• Manekba Award (Sheth C.N. Vidhyavihar)

• Ramkrishna Ashrama Painting Competition Award - 3 years in a row

• Gujarat Pollution Control Board Award in Painting

• Faber Castle Award - First price

• Science Center Rajkot Award - First price

• Rajkot Art Vision Certificate Award

• Police Commissioner Award in Painting, Rajkot

• Bal Bhavan Award, Rajkot

• Maneka Paritoshik - Silver Medal

• National Kalajyoti Ratna Award, 2007

• National Child Art Certificate Award, 2005

• Gandhinagar Wall Painting Award, 2014

• Rajkot City Traffic Branch Award, 2009

• Rajkot Traffic Police Branch Award

• Camel Art Foundation Award, 2014-15

• LD Wall Painting Competition - First Price, 2014-15

• LD Wall Painting Competition - Third Price, 2016

• National Online Art Competition - Third Price, 2017

• International Online Art Competition - Bronze Award, 2017 from UK




2012 - National Kalidas Academy Ujjain, MP

2013 - National Camel Art Foundation, Mumbai

2013 - National Chitrasangam Art Gallery Exhibition, Karnataka

2014 - Chitrasangam Art Gallery, Karnataka



2009-10 -11 Gujara Kala Pratishthan, Surat

2014 - Lalitkala Portrait Workshop


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