Devi, Painting by Sidharth | Mythological artwork on Gold Leaf And Mineral Pigments On Canvas Board | BestCollegeArt


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Artist: Sidharth .

Size:12 X 16 Inches

Medium:Gold Leaf and Mineral Pigments on Canvas Board


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


The artist is an engaging story teller and each of his creations is immersed in layered and folded narratives that try to evoke a long forgotten moment/memory or present a thought or an idea or bring up an issue confronting the individual or society. The checker-ed life and predilections of this highly driven artist, thinker, musician and kind hearted persona- born and reborn – from a vagabond to a Buddhist monk and finally an artist of international repute- seem to have influenced the metaphors of his art and shape his aesthetics that resurrect his amazingly varied personal experiences, his intuitive and humanist fortitude and spiritual bent of mind, crisscrossing many interesting turns and twists.
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