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Artist: Anil Kumar Yadav

Size:60 X 48 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


Anil Kumar Yadav is an Artist from Kolkata who was born in 1984 a village in Uttar Pradesh. He grew up among villagers with modest lives and the village culture. The Rangolis at the village festival and the local potters’ fine works of art inspired him greatly towards art as a hobby and potential career from early childhood. Since the central theme to his paintings is related to present day society, his works appear photographic or naturalistic. The religious ghats of Varanasi, Haridwar and other antique places attracted him for their cultural heritage characterised by the holy saints, antique architectures, old idol sculptures and mysticism, spirituality. So he portrayed the simplicity of the architectural doors, temples, sculptures and the beautiful narrow streets and ‘galis’ which holds beauty that can not be described in words. He always prefers a highly realistic approach in his paintings for whatever he sees in his surroundings. He started to represent paintings in a form whose expression manifests a step ahead of photography. He has always tried to reach to a horizon where photography cannot reach and make a statement what is called hyperrealism.
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