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No Work No Home

Artist: Biplab Sarkar

Size:8.3 X 11.8 (Each) Inches

Medium:Watercolour and Pen on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


My miniaturistic narrative body of work explores the relationship of body and object in an urban context largely dealing with the lifestyle and struggles of hawkers working at heritage sites, tourist places, local markets or the independent wanderers. I have been working and researching on this idea from past three years which has evolved through the conversation with the hawkers, photographic documentation, audio recordings, sketching and the mere observation of their lifestyle. The simplistic forms painted with subtle tones of watercolors with some line drawings are evolved from the photographic reference. The process of working also includes communication with these hawkers regarding their lifestyle and daily job. This conversation includes simple questions like; where do they live? What time they arrive? What time they leave? How long it has been for them working in this field? Later these encounter resurfaces in my drawings and paintings and sometimes sound also plays a crucial role during display. I consider my art practice somewhere very similar or parallel to the art practice followed back in the 19th century’s Company School Paintings and intend to revive those traditions and document the same in contemporary scenario. No Work No Home - 4 (Set of 12) "No work no home" 8.3"x111.8" Each Water color & Pen on paper 2021
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