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Artist: Shrabani Maity

Size:58 X 32 Inches

Medium:Oil on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shrabani Maity

Shrabani Maity is practicing art more than ten years and participated World Art Dubai, Art Hub Gallery – Dubai Design District, Academy of Fine Arts and many more. Her content of research is about the characteristic metamorphosis of Indian Life & Culture. She has also researched about the importunacy of Child imagination and fantasy world related to present scenario and circumstances of childhood.

Her process is slowly developing the structure of painting and connecting the points which our existence passes through and portray how positive and negative reflection changes our thought. Shrabani is constantly researching about the journey to connect the path in between past and present state of Indian Culture.

The important note of the series of Journey of the Life & Culture:

This series is the most important and valuable series among her creative journey, this journey began many years back to develop the idea how important our culture is for our existence, every single day life is changing with technological development and create a deep impact to our thoughts and life , also same time changing the character and journey of Indian culture, The colonial influences has some time overcome the beauty and nature and holding the impact of natural life and existence, her concern to find out the reason why and what things really important to our life for surviving, the whole composition is about the journey to self-discovering with and connection between past and present. Quoting the Indian Miniature is kind of symbol of rich traditional Indian culture which is always taking us to the point where beauty of nature parallax coexistence with contemporary world of living. This journey of life and culture reflects the beauty of inner mind where our root still connected its origin, our culture stays connected even after migration it’s still existing in our heart and soul.

Major Participation in group Exhibition:

2018: Participated in World Art Dubai

2018: Group exhibition at Art Hub Gallery Dubai Design District

2015: Participated Annual exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts

2015: Participated Annual exhibition of State Charukala Par shade

2014: Participated Annual exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts

2013: Participated Annual exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts

Collection: many collection in India and abroad.

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    Bani Thani

    By Shrabani Maity
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