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  • A one-time non-refundable fee of Rs.500.00 is charged for filing nominations under Glenfiddich Emerging Artist of the Year 2019.

  • Registrant shall be responsible for filling up of the online registration form including submission of artwork images and other documents as listed on the website. may not send reminder mails or call the artists to do the same, However, information about all deadlines will be available on Website. Non-submission of documents due to non-availability will not be a ground for refund of fees.

  • Verification of application will commence only after filling of the online form completely including submission of requisite documents to the satisfaction of

  • Payment of registration fee doesn’t guarantee "successful Selection" of registrant for Glenfiddich EAY 2019.

  • JURY

  • Jury list given on website is tentative and may change depending on the availability of jury members at the time of award ceremony. In case if replacement is required, it shall be at sole discretion of

  • Decision of jury shall be final and binding on all participants. and William Grant & Sons ensure a completely transparent and honest process without being biased towards any contestant.

  • Though, William Grant & Sons and any jury member is not answerable for decision made to any one. Still in case if any participant has a query or concern, they may raise it on Our team will respond to it only if query is deemed reasonable.