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Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic Paint came as a contemporary to Oil and other mediums around the 1950s. The unique aspect of Acrylics is that it dries faster in comparison to oil paints. Other advantages included a Crisp,Edgy finish in Bright Colours. More so, Acrylics are Lightfast which is a major benefit as it makes Wall Art stay fresh even after years ! It is a fit for all, from Beginners to Established artists..Flexibility of acrylics over conventional media like Oil and Watercolour makes it a Favourite. Our Acrylics come with a modern contemporary twist adding the right 'Oomph' factor to any space. Decor takes a whole new form when coupled with Contemporary Acrylic Abstracts from BestCollegeArt

Acrylic on Canvas

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