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Oil on Canvas

Oil paintings have their roots in Afghanistan, where Oil paint was used for Buddhist paintings by Indian and Chinese monks. The popularity of oils for its advantages over conventional Tempera was understood around the 15th Century. It was widely used as a medium to paint Shield surfaces—both those used in tournaments and those hung as decorations. Oils then migrated to wood panel supports before Canvas took over a better medium. Canvas was a cheaper alternative. It was easier to transport, allowed larger works, and did not require complicated preliminary layers of Gesso (a fine type of plaster). Combined together , Oil on Canvas paintings are a class apart. At BestCollegeArt, we follow in the footsteps of virtuoso like Da Vinci, Klint and Michelangelo and our Contemporary artists give it the right modern twist. To own a painting , makes one Ecstatic ! However, To exhibit an Oil , feels Aristocratic..

Oil on Canvas

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