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Watercolor on Paper

The term Watercolor describes both the medium and the art form. One of the oldest art forms , Watercolors have prevailed since the paleolithic times. From Cave Paintings to being used for Manuscript Illustration in the Egyptian times on mediums progressing from Vellum (dried animal skin), Papyrus, Bark and finally Paper, Watercolor has come a long way. A delicate art form , it requires an extremely skilled hand seasoned by techniques of Wash and Glaze. From Manuscripts to Maps, Botanical and Wildlife illustrations to topographical painters and the East Asian Scroll painting, Watercolors were used everywhere.There was a confluence of these cultural, engineering, scientific, tourist, and amateur interests culminating in recognizing Watercolor as a distinct Art Form.There is little room for error and thus, at BestCollegeArt, we offer a range of exclusive, proficient and authentic Watercolors from Contemporary Indian Artists. Each Stroke, each Wash, Back Run or Diffusion will leave a viewer Spellbound..!

Watercolor on Paper

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